Planning & Feasibility

Driver assists clients with all aspects of project planning, feasibility and budgetary estimates, providing project coordination at every step of the way. We take pride in the fact that many key players in the utility and energy industries put their trust in Driver when planning a project. Our business development and project coordinator teams can support your planning and feasibility efforts for projects relating to mainline pipeline construction, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), pipeline rehabilitation, reroutes and integrity work, fabrication of pipeline infrastructure components, station construction and expansion, and gas utility distribution line installation and maintenance. Driver started out in business serving the local gas distribution utility in Dallas, Texas and that same utility is still one of Driver’s largest customers to this day. The Company’s highly skilled workforce is key to its ability to work in highly congested areas, such as the streets of downtown Dallas, Fort Worth, and other urban areas. Traffic control, community relations, and public safety are integral to our success in these settings. Whether you just need to move a gas meter in order to add on to your house, or you need to replace several miles of poly pipe, Driver can meet your needs, including:Gas Utility Distribution Line Installation and Maintenance 2 Large and small polyethylene pipe installation Steel pipe installation Residential and commercial services Gas line replacement work Sleeve inserts Leak detection and repair Gas meter relocation and replacement Vaults and valve maintenance Asbestos abatement Cathodic protection With our own concrete, asphalt, and flowable fill crews, we can complete the entire job quickly, thereby limiting the amount of interruption caused by our activities.

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