Pipeline Construction

Driver stands ready to complete any pipeline construction project, whether it is new construction, relocation, replacement of existing pipe, and take-up of abandoned pipe, working in rural or space-constrained urban areas. We are also fully equipped and qualified to complete mainline pipeline projects for the midstream pipeline market, lateral lines, natural gas power plant feeder lines, storage facilities, and related applications.

With 50 years of exceptional performance on all types of pipeline projects, our construction teams are experts at installation, replacement, and rehabilitation of HDPE, high-pressure steel, and flex-steel lines for natural gas, NGL, refined products, and crude oil. Our teams are experienced working in high population density areas, in congested pipeline corridors, inside complex petrochemical plants, etc. Our capabilities include trenching and directional boring, custom fabrication, large diameter steel, deep excavations, hydrostatic and pneumatic, cathodic protection and AC mitigation, hot tapping, and stoppling.

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